Friday, February 22, 2008

Angela Garbarino, Another Sickening Case Of America's Fascist Police

I have just been having a root about for something humorous to finish the off the day, I don't feel in a funny mood any more. The story tells itself.

After alleged beating, CBS asks if police are now 'targeting women'

An incident involving a Louisiana woman who was allegedly beaten by a police officer after her arrest on suspicion of drunk driving has led CBS News to take a look at the broader question of whether police officers are specifically targeting women.

The alleged victim, Angela Garbarino, has claimed that Officer Wiley Willis beat her after turning off a police video camera. The Caddo Parish district attorney and the U.S. Justice Department are both planning to investigate the case.

Willis asserts that Garbarino slipped and fell when he tried to prevent her leaving the room. The Shreveport Police Union has come to Willis's defense, saying that they believe his version of the story and charging that his dismissal following the incident did not follow protocol and violated his rights.

Legal analyst Lisa Bloom told CBS "it's absolutely preposterous" that Garbarino's horrific injuries -- which included two black eyes, a broken nose, a fractured cheekbone, and two lost teeth -- could have been sustained in a fall.more and video


Anonymous said...

Just gets better and better. When will Americans stop being so ignorant of what is going on. Unless it happens to them directly they do not care. HH

Anonymous said...

He tried to prevent her from leaving alright... Horrible

ccjohncc said...

I can not believe this situation has just been left to be forgotten. And how am I the only one leaving a comment on this story 2 years after the fact! What in the hell has happened. It is so obvious this guy beat this woman. Why has he not been prosecuted. Something is seriously wrong here. When something like this happens by those who are hired to protect and serve we are in BIG TROUBLE. This is soo very serious. This woman got a beating that was just short of killing her. God help us.

Himself said...

Look on the bright side, at least she wasn't in a wheelchair.

But that's the trouble when you recruit people of limited intelligence who are possessed of an authoritarian attitude.

There's plenty more in the side bar, same tags as this post.

I don't actually update this blog anymore, I'm fighting a bigger injustice a bit closer to home.