Saturday, February 16, 2008

More Christian Logic

Crash survivor Lisa Klassen says she has ”experienced the hand of God”

WINNIPEG — A young woman whose car flipped over a bridge guardrail and then crashed through the river ice below says the hand of God helped her survive.

Nine days after the accident on a Winnipeg bridge over the Red River, Lisa Klassen says she has been truly touched by letters of support from around the world.

Klassen, the younger sister of Olympic speed-skating champion Cindy Klassen, says she doesn’t remember anything about the accident.

She broke her tailbone and a vertebra, fractured her pelvis and is in a wheelchair.

She doesn’t know when she’ll be released from hospital, but is in good spirits.
Her sister says she is likely going to pull out of the rest of the speed-skating season to remain with Lisa. source

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