Monday, July 09, 2007

Places I Wouldn't Want To Live And People I dont Want To Meet: Utah And Cops

Not wanting to meet cops is hardly a new thing and not wanting to live in Utah is only relatively new.
There are in fact a whole lot more places on the "Don't want to" list than are on the "Do," but ain't that true of everybody.
Why then Utah? probably because they are all so fucking Jesusy, and batshit crazy Jesusy at that, let's face it the LDS's run Scientologists a close second.

But doesn't the same apply to a couple of dozen other states you might ask? it surely do but Utah is the setting for this story so Utah it is. But that said the story is actually about cops.

Cops, I don't honestly believe that is a true description these days, paramilitaries is a far more befitting title to endow on these stormtroopers of the establishment.

I was in a bit of a quandary as to what heading to run with for this article, so I will run with the first alternative as a sub header.
Stop Complaining, At Least You Didn't Get Tasered.

Here then is the lead story of a fine example of the "Protect and Serve" pissed (drunk) with power state sponsored terrorists.

An Orem police officer is on paid leave after he handcuffed, fingerprinted and booked into jail a 70-year-old woman in a squabble over her lawn......... When she said she couldn't afford to water her lawn at 1568 S. 800 East the officer started to write her a ticket.......... Perry said the officer struck her in the face with the cuffs while he was restraining her. "He's just trying to cover his tracks,"..........more

The last two sentences of the article say it all, mission accomplished, get the citizenry living in fear.

That's the answer to these pigs, get 'em all running scared, even if it's a Seven year old boy and running scared this first grader is, as his momma explains in this second report.

"Now he's scared," said Lakisa Dinkins, Gerard's mother. "Now he's telling me, 'Ma, don't talk smart to White people, 'cause I [will] go back to jail."

Nice hey! why do I get the feeling that young kid is going to grow up an angry antisocial young black male who's destiny has now been writ.

But cuffing and fingerprinting little kids isn't the solely reserved for boys, you have to hand it to the pigs they are equal opportunity abusers of power as they demonstrate so clearly in the arrest of this felonious Six year old girl.

Could it be just a coincidence that both these kids are black? it would have been interesting to see how much shit would have hit the fan if the kids had been the little darlings of a white soccer mom.

So let us move on to Tasering, I shall only mention two cases, after all it would be impossible to bring to the fore the thousands of cases of abuse and at least One Hundred and Fifty deaths brought about by these ubiquitous pieces of kit. long list here

There is this case of a Six year old boy getting zapped to stop him "harming himself" say no more.

But pride of place in this catalogue of abuse must go to this little gem, the pigs wasting a Fifty Six year old woman sat in a wheelchair!

Ten shocks from a police Taser were enough to kill a wheelchair-bound Green Cove Springs woman whose death in a confrontation with two officers in April has been ruled a homicide but, according to prosecutors, justified....

Of course.

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