Saturday, July 21, 2007

Honourable Danes Offer Asylum To Iraqi Workers

The Danish military has secretly airlifted out of the country about 200 Iraqis who were helping its troops.

The Iraqi civilians, mostly those working as aides and translators in the southern region of Basra, will now be offered asylum in Denmark.

A military spokesman said the operation was carried out because of fears the Iraqis might be targeted by militants after the Danish troops pulled out.....more .

Can't help but wonder if Bushco will show as much concern when the time comes. I wouldn't want to bet the farm on it.

Update: US employed Iraqis nervous over future.

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Chris in Seattle said...

Sorry I don't have links, but it's already been well documented that the US has refused the vast majority of Iraqis seeking refuge status. Of the thousands (millions?) fleeing, I think we've only admitted about 200 total.