Monday, July 16, 2007

1965: Pornography Censorship and A Bit Of History

It is with no little irony given my previous post that I dropped upon this short clip.
In a totally unrelated search to either porn or censorship or to film "Perversion For Profit" popped up, well with a title like that a fellow has no choice does he? it's eyes down and look in.

Promoted by Citizens For Decent Literature and hosted by George Putnam (who?)
It's not my intention to start transcribing Putnam's dire words on the horrors that await those that cast eyes on tits and bums, just listen to the whole nine minutes, it's a gas.

I did see a few old favourites as the camera scanned this encyclopedic collection of filth and depravity, not least *John Willie's Bizarre,* (I have the complete collection in a two volume hardback, Taschen books.)

Willie was quite the pioneer but always had his work cut out for him trying to bring fetish fans a publication of their own. how could it not be a struggle in such a repressed society?

But I digress, Perversion For Profit, produced in Nineteen Sixty Five, that kind of got me to wondering what else was going on in that year.
Well you'll never guess, but America was dropping bombs on yellowish brown folk half a world away and LBJ was having a little surge all of his own.

But at the time "Lyndon Johnson told the nation have no fear of escalation." sung by Tom Paxton. audio (also at the Lyndon Johnston link.)

Yes while the Nation was going about it's usual business of dropping bombs on people the good folks at Citizens For Decent Literature were keeping the homeland safe and secure by tying to limit what people could read, thus ensuring a pristine America fit for the returning patriotic sons of said nation.

Writing this jolted the old grey cells, reminding me that I had made mention of tits, bombs and girly mags. some time previous.

Here be a little addition. Those crazies that would try to censor don't just stop at porn, look at the effort that this fucktard has gone to to promote which goddamn Bible you should read, and this is but one page (it scrolls down forever) of a website that is beyond belief.

*check out the price for one volume, I paid £19/$38 for both. Stroll on!* I have a feeling both volumes of mine could be making a d├ębut on Amazon in the near future.

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