Monday, July 23, 2007

An Unlikely Messenger

This post was originally intended to put before you and recommend two one half hour video. The video, featuring Richard Dawkins, reading from a new preface that Dawkins had written to accompany the release of the paperback edition of The God Delusion.

"During a recent trip to the Galapagos with the Center for Inquiry, Richard Dawkins gave a reading of his new preface to the paperback edition of The God Delusion along with a Q&A session that followed. The event took place in the ship's bar salon area."

It was then, toward the latter end of the first clip that Dawkins, reading from the preface, made mention of the untimely death of a seventeen year old young man.
To hear of this in such a manner, and from this most unlikely of sources, was to say the least quite a shock, and thereafter followed great sadness for myself.

My personal sadness at this tragic news is brought about, that some ten years ago, for a brief period of time, this young man and I were part of, for want of a better description, a family unit.

Rest in peace, Luke (Hebby) Ashton.

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