Friday, July 20, 2007

Dog Bites Back (Allegedly) Michael Vick

I receive "breaking news" emails from the Atlanta Journal to facilitate my coverage of a couple of stories although it must be said a fair bit of other interesting stuff pops up.
This story wouldn't be of interest to me at all at all, but to you Yankee Doodles it may.

There have been quite a few involving Michael Vick, (who says I) I have paid scant attention to them but he has allegedly been involved in dog fighting.

Without ado, here is the story, the elements being endorsement, Nike and Vick.

Brings back memories of Jackson and Coca Cola, I only make mention of this so I finally have an excuse to use the graphic.


Gypsy James said...

Is that a pic of Whacko sniffing somebody's smalls....? Crikey the story just gets worse...

Top blog btw, very very readable.

Himself said...

Thank you for your kind words. You asked in another place where I might hail from, head West until your feet get wet, there I be.
I would like to offer the hand of friendship but what your profession is allied to disturbs me deeply.

You might wish to read All Warm And Fuzzy
Yet again you might not.