Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Jihadists Might Get You Before You Board The Plane

UK Commons select committee warn of potential danger at airport queues, seems logical, just wander in with your bomb in a rucksack/suitcase, and there are trolleys at your disposal if it's too heavy to carry.

Heightened security checks at airports could create a potential new target for terrorists, MPs have warned.

A report by the Commons transport select committee said queues of hundreds of passengers in cramped spaces could become a security hazard.

The committee recommended that reducing queues at security and speeding up check-in times should be a priority.

The Department for Transport (DfT) said baggage security rules introduced last August met "a very real threat". more

Wanker in the graphic.

He's the angry, irate, face of Islamic fury; the poster child of Muslim protests. They are calling him the 'Rage Boy'. A Kashmiri protester who turns up at almost every major demonstration to express Islamist anger about real and perceived slights and has become photographers' favourite, is now a blog darling......

"Rage Boy" has now become such a cult figure that he's even attracted the attention of Christopher Hitchens, the iconoclastic British columnist, notorious for skewering Mother Teresa among others.

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