Monday, July 16, 2007

Maybe There Is A God, Or have Some Seen The Light?

Only recently having written about the Presidential Prayer Team, it now falls upon me to bring you, with the heaviest of hearts, news that the PPT is on the bones of it's arse, and as a result it can no longer afford to fund it's brainwashing program for children, aka the Presidential Prayer Team for kids.

Perhaps you might heed their cry for help and wander over there and show them some love, or alternately you might do as they suggest and "Have fun checking out the PPK Archives."
yes do that, have some fun checking out previous material that these good Christian folk have been feeding to the godly children of America.

Such a tragedy how God's work dries up when the Dollars do, would you not agree?

Special Notice from the Editor of The Presidential Prayer Team for Kids.

It’s summer, and lots of things slow down a bit during this season!

Unfortunately, donations to The Presidential Prayer Team, our parent organization, have been drastically down in recent weeks. This has created a very troubling shortage of funds for PPT and PPT for Kids. This shortage is causing us to make some cutbacks in our staff which will affect PPK!

So, for now, we won’t be writing, developing or sending any new PPK updates.

We want you to be sure to keep on praying for the President and the nation..........more


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