Friday, July 13, 2007

Nobodies Heroes

I try to avoid Writing about the invasion of Iraq but every now and then I get a bit twisted about the goddamn thing.
My unease is not made any the better by the shear hypocrisy and the holier than thou attitude that that Americans wallow in when regarding the US Army.

There is little point in me echoing the words of this report from the independent for in fact we are both reading from the same page.

" A dead Iraqi is just another dead know, so what?"
It is an axiom of American political life that the actions of the US military are beyond criticism. Democrats and Republicans praise the men and women in uniform at every turn. Apart from the odd bad apple at Abu Ghraib, the US military in Iraq is deemed to be doing a heroic job under trying circumstances.

That perception will take a severe knock today with the publication in The Nation magazine of a series of in-depth interviews with 50 combat veterans of the Iraq war from across the US. In the interviews, veterans have described acts of violence in which US forces have abused or killed Iraqi men, women and children with impunity. more

And while this is happening on a daily basis, I know, without having to check beforehand, that such sanctimonious drivel, the like of what is written below, is being pumped out weekly from dozens of sites who's only purpose in life is to glorify God, nationalism and the US military, quite frankly it makes want to vomit.

Pray peace upon the city of Baghdad and the nation of Iraq, asking God to defeat his enemies there and bring about His greatest plan for that nation......

Pray for grace and wisdom for the President during this difficult time, asking God to guide and strengthen him.

Pray for Gen. David Petraeus as the troop surge requested months ago is finally in place throughout Iraq, and as he implements his strategy for success. Pray for peace for the city of Baghdad, that God’s holy authority will be honored and that those who seek to do evil and bring chaos will be REMOVED. The Presidential Prayer Team

"Removed," how very subtle. "Pray for grace and wisdom for the President," yes pray for the President as he goes about his task of removing the next million souls from the planet.
Such Godly work, pray indeed.

And indeed it would be remiss if I failed to bring this short video to your attention.

"Anyone with a rag on his head is fair game."

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