Friday, January 04, 2008

FBI Investigating Ohio Taser Cop


I posted on this story featuring one of Ohio's finest stormtroopers tasering a handcuffed woman back in September, (story video and links, you really need to go there) well it would appear the fat son of a bitch has declined to testify against the woman he tasered for fear of implicating himself in an ongoing FBI investigation probing his behaviour.

I hope the Feebies nail the cocksucker to a fucking cross, and you might agree with me once you have viewed the video.

Charges were dismissed today against a northeast Ohio woman who was handcuffed and tasered by a patrolman whose actions were recorded by police dashboard video.

The Warren officer who arrested 38-year-old Heidi Gill outside a bar has been fired for lying to investigators in an unrelated traffic stop.

Richard Kovach had refused to testify against the tasered woman on the advice of his attorney. The FBI is currently investigating the matter, and Kovach himself may face federal charges.

A video made from a cruiser shows Kovach using a Taser on the woman as she screams and tries to kick out a rear window of the patrol car.

The officer got a two-month suspension in the stun gun case. more

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