Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Arnold Mendez. Texas A&M, Corpus Christi. I Have A Question For You


The accepted consensus from religious sources is that Noah lived in a period 2500 years BC.



The accepted consensus is that the Iron Age started no earlier than 1000 years BC.



Given that Noah lived 1500 years before the Iron Age would you please explain to me what Noah used for a saw to build this mighty vessel?

The answer to this question is fundamental to your whole hypothesis.

Should any student of Mr Mendez read my question you might want to consider asking Mr Mendez for a suitable answer.

Mister Mendez has his own label on this blog.


Anonymous said...

Arnold Mendez is Beyond an Idiot he is dangerous. Let me tell you why. Arnold Mendez taught/teaches almost all the General Chemistry Laboratory Classes at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi. On his own initiative, he added an indoctrination on why Radiological Carbon Dating is a farce. He required the students to go to HIS listed fraud sites and write a report (basically supporting his crap). I was forced to do this for a grade in his class along with almost 1,000 students in a single semester. When this situation was revealed to the University, they did absolutely nothing! Any reputable (REAL) University would have fired ANYONE who did this on the spot. I guess TAMUCC is just another Liberty University. DO NOT ATTEND this university if you want a ACTUAL Science Degree. I am still highly offended by this while situation.

Himself said...


Please forgive the delay in replying.

I can just imagine what you must have been going through in "class," I have watched some of his seminars, not good for the blood pressure, but to have to swallow all that crap must have near blown a gasket.

Thanks for the heads up, I have never had a hands on report before today.

Best and good luck.