Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ghost Town USA


The streets are empty. Trash rustles down the road past rusted barbecues, abandoned furniture, sagging homes and gardens turned to weed.

This is Shaker Heights, a suburb of Cleveland and a town ravaged by the subprime mortgage crisis roiling the United States.

Faded "for sale" signs sit in front of deserted houses. The residents are gone, either in search of new jobs after the factories shut down, or in shame after being evicted for missing their mortgage payments.

A red, white and blue American flag flies over windows and doors which have been boarded up to keep the drug dealers away.

Thieves have stripped many homes of the plumbing, the doors, the windows, the aluminum siding.more


Anonymous said...

The economy is going straight down the crapper over here. HH

Anonymous said...


(3:25) Fire department, flying American flag, ghostly.

Toxic Town Picher, Oklahoma


Anonymous said...


(1:50) Caroline Arndt, born in Germany, May 11, 1832, died in New Orleans La, Feb 5, 1880

The inscription below, I think:

A loved one is gone from our circle
On earth we will meet her no more


Himself said...

There's nothing wrong with your eyes.

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