Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blog News


Postings may be a bit light,if at all, for a day or two, I'm feeling a bit (see cartoon) and I'm overcome with indifference.

Back when I can get my head round things or have got sorted, whichever whatever.


Anonymous said...

Hope the "blahs" don't last long. HH

Joana Morais said...

I Wish you well! Get better soon!

Himself said...

Thank you for your kind words m'dears.

H I have just taken the trouble to post my "question to Mendez"

I have been having a few google hits for him of late, that, and recently re-watching the clips in my earlier posts of Mendez spewing his inane drivel, well I've just got pissed off enough to post about it.

The guy is an outright charlatan and a absolute fucking idiot, but what sticks in my craw so very much is that he is teaching such utter crap to god knows who and getting paid for it.