Friday, January 18, 2008

In Case You Missed It: Maher And The Jesoids

Right so! on a lighter note, it's the third clip down. Jesoid: a term borrowed from a friend.

And I hate to show two Conan clips in one week, but I would be doing society a disservice if I didn't post this clip of Bill Maher boldly going where no other talk show guest has gone before: calling all religion "completely bat sh**". While discussing the list of candidates seeking the GOP nomination, Maher paused to reflect on the ridiculousness of "being a rational person six days a week... and on one day of the week, go(ing) to a building and think(ing) you're drinking the blood of a 2,000 year-old space god".

Note the shocked silence of the audience and the amazed disbelief of Catholic Conan. Props to Maher for the boldest answer ever given in a late night talk show
I couldn't decide which graphic to put up, so they're both up. I wouldn't normally be a fan of big tits but if I were to be honest I would have to say I could quite easily rest my head there, the colour might have more than a bit to do with it. Maher seems happy enough judging by his shit eating grin.

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