Monday, January 21, 2008

What's Wrong With Lourdes Then? Oh Sorry Wrong Cult

But just as batshit crazy as the Buggery Club, stroll on! is there no end on this earth to all this incredible mumbo jumbo, mankind really is a complete bollox.

But it's this little paragraph further down the report does it for me.

The "cure" is simple - each visitor takes a pinch of salt from one of the many small bowls and eats it. It is believed that the salt has a special connection with the dead and will cure any illness.

Irony, solid twenty four carat irony, I just loves it. And it would appear that it's not only Missouri that has miracles, Afghanistan has them too.

"Several paralysed people have left the cemetery walking on their own two feet," says Sangeena.
Yes of course.

Drive on.

At Kandahar's Arab cemetery, victims of the US "war on terror" are revered by many as shaheed (martyrs) and their graves are believed to possess miraculous powers.

Each day, hundreds of sick people visit the graves of more than 70 Arab and other foreign fighters and their family members who were killed in US bombing in the southern Afghan city in late 2001.

Soon after their burial, a cult developed around them and the graves became centres of pilgrimage for many in the area.

People started seeing them as miracle workers, healers and intercessors for others before God.

Six.years.after.US-led troops ousted the Taleban, devotion to these "foreign guests" is still alive.

"Most of the visitors are sick people seeking blessings from the dead while others come hoping their social or financial problems will end," says Sangeena, a woman in her 50s who lives nearby and looks after the graves.more

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