Monday, January 21, 2008

America On The "Torture Is Us" List

Isn't it nice when your own government officials bring into the spotlight something the hierarchy chooses to not to reckognise, mind you it is difficult to get a clear perspective when you have your nose cemented in someone's arse.

Canada puts US and Israel on torture list.

An official Canadian government document has put both the United States and Israel on a watch list of countries where prisoners run the risk of being tortured, CTV television reported on Thursday.

The revelation is likely to embarrass the minority Conservative government, which is a staunch U.S. ally.

The document mentions the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba where a Canadian man is being held.

CTV said the document was part of a course on torture awareness given to Canadian diplomats to help them determine whether prisoners they visited abroad had been mistreated.

It said the document mentioned U.S. interrogation techniques such as "forced nudity, isolation, and sleep deprivation."

Other countries on the watch list include Syria, China, Iran and Afghanistan, CTV said.more

Nice company.

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