Saturday, January 12, 2008

Brit Gardner Fingered In Anonymous Email. PJ Investigate


“Is it a coincidence that this man started working as a gardener in the area and a child went missing?

“Maybe he walked through the car park at the front of the McCanns’ apartment and a little way down the dark alley between the two buildings where he could see and probably hear that the McCanns were there.

“After that maybe he listened at the window of the McCanns’ apartment for any sign that someone such as a babysitter was there. No television…nothing.

“Did this man initially see the McCanns and Madeleine whilst working on an empty apartment/villa and note that the children were left alone? Did he then come back to watch the McCanns when it was dark and not during daylight hours?”

Signed Anonymous.

PS. It weren't us.

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"That's utter rubbish. We are not running a propaganda campaign." Clarence (Wanker of The Week) Mitchell 11/01/08


Anonymous said...

Richard III

Henry Tudor once said he wanted to build a car park in Leicester. I told him, "over my dead body".

Himself said...

Richard III ‏@HMRichardIII

Burying people in multi-storey car parks. That's wrong on so many levels.

Himself said...