Monday, January 21, 2008

Speaking Of Torture


Wasn't Zubaydah the fellow that admitted to being involved in just about everything going, I think he even cleared up the JFK assassination, or was that some other top al Qaeda official/terrorist/thingumy/grave threat to the United States of America?

It's this part that effects my grrrrr meter most badly, but don't let me mislead you, the story is about other things, the CIA tapes and the Justice Department investigating it's own.

There's another crucial dimension to uncovering the effects of what Zubaydah— terrified that he was about to drown— allegedly revealed during those "rougher" interrogations: There are several cases of purported terrorists before our courts who are being prosecuted on the basis of Zubaydah's desperate testimony in that CIA black site.

For example, American citizen José Padilla was arrested at O'Hare Airport in 2002, after allegedly conspiring with Zubaydah and Al Qaeda to set off a "dirty bomb" in the United States. Padilla—himself relentlessly tortured while being held for years as an "unlawful enemy combatant"—first appeared in court on those charges before none other than Michael Mukasey, at the time a federal judge in New York. Mukasey ordered him imprisoned on a material-witness warrant, based in part on the information that had been proffered by Zubaydah under waterboarding. Then, suddenly, Padilla was taken out of the federal-court system by order of George W. Bush and vanished for years without even a hearing or charges or access to a lawyer.more

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