Friday, January 11, 2008

Clarence Mitchell Wanker Of The Week

And why has the comical one been awarded this prestigious, and might I say newly struck in solid gold award, therefore making it the "Solid Gold Wanker of The Week" award, but wait there's more, it's the "Solid Gold Wanker of The Week Award with Blue Peter Badge" now there's an honour for you Clarrie.

Where was I? oh yes Comical's award.

For sevices to comedy, irony and wankery in general, this week's Wanker of The Week Award, Clarence "Comical" Mitchell.

Clarence Mitchell, their official spokesman, said: "In theory by the summer the pot will run dry but we are taking steps to make sure that does not happen. 11/01/08
He told Sky News Online: "Its a shameless money-making scheme. It's offensive to Gerry and Kate and it's very offensive to Madeleine. 11/01/08

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