Sunday, January 27, 2008

Just Say No Kiddywinks

Although this problem is nothing new this post makes a good companion for the previous article.

These sanctimonious gits are a danger, a real danger, they need to place their views on contraception between the pages of their Bibles and stick up there pious sphincters.

And they wonder why teenage pregnancy is so high and what did surprise me looking at the little chart that is with the article is that the pregnancy rate in the US is nearly twice that of the UK, I only say this because it seems every second fifteen year old you see on the street over here is pushing a pram.

All I need now is for there to be a Purity Ball in the news then we have the three card trick.

Chastity pressed on US teens
America's chastity movement may have lost one of its most famous role models after unmarried teen queen Britney Spears - for years a self-proclaimed virgin - divulged some of her more intimate secrets to a magazine.

But whatever the extent of Miss Spears' one-time contribution to the no-sex-before-marriage camp, it pales into insignificance against that of its now most famous benefactor - President George Bush, who has massively increased funding and support to the abstinence movement during his three years in office.

The movement has expanded from a collection of disparate groups into a centrally funded drive that seeks to tackle the country's teenage pregnancy rate - one of the highest in the developed world - by telling young Americans that contraception does not work and that the only safe sex is no sex..........

Under the terms of the multi-million-dollar fund which have been made available under President Bush for abstinence education, schools and groups can only claim federal money for sex education programmes if the classes have as their "exclusive purpose" the promotion of abstinence.

They must make clear that sexual activity outside of marriage is harmful, both mentally and physically. If contraception is mentioned, it must only be in the context of its fallibility.

The state of Louisiana, for example, has abolished all programmes providing what is known as comprehensive sex education - classes which give students information about contraception and abortion in addition to encouraging them to wait before entering into a sexual relationship.more

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