Friday, January 04, 2008

Bad Cops No Donut And A long Time Up The River


I've not a lot of time for cops, straight or bent, but these sentences seem a bit fierce to me, with one of Chicago's finest going down for forty.

That's minimum sentences for you, still I don't suppose any of these bent bastards lost much sleep when the boot was on the other foot.

I wouldn't be gloating over the jail time these tossers received, they're excessive, not as excessive as a ten stretch for receiving a blow job mind you, but then, aren't they all.
And if you're thinking the donut looks a bit like an arsehole, well so did I but then what's this story all about?

Three rogue Chicago police officers who robbed drug dealers of cash and narcotics were sentenced to lengthy prison terms Thursday by a federal judge who said the misconduct left him "at a total loss."

U.S. District Judge Ronald Guzman appeared most disturbed that the officers resold the stolen drugs, putting "lethal poison" back onto streets that they had sworn to serve and protect.

"You and your merry band essentially raped and plundered entire areas," said the judge, noting the robberies by the plainclothes tactical officers in the Englewood District took place in some of the city's poorest neighborhoods.

The ring damaged the reputations of good cops and sullied the entire legal system in neighborhoods where trust of the police already may have been at its thinnest, the judge said.

"People see and hear what goes on in these courtrooms, and the next time they look at a police officer, they see you," Guzman said.

The judge sentenced Broderick Jones, 36, the alleged ringleader, to 25 years in prison; Darek Haynes, 37, to 19 years; and Eural Black, 44, the only officer to take his case to trial, to 40 years, the statutory minimum he could receive under the law.more

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