Friday, January 04, 2008

Ok I'm Sorry


Given the paranoia that is America today, and the pissed with power behaviour of every little retard that dons a uniform, then you might forgive me that after first reading the headline that I automatically assumed this was in the US.

Well it wasn't, OK I'm sorry, sorry with knobs on if you want. Now comes the embarrassing bit.

A couple were banned for life from a shopping centre - because they were taking photos of their beloved grandchildren.

Kim and Trevor Sparshott were ordered to stop taking photos because they were causing a security threat.

They were thrown out of the centre after they took out a camera to snap the look on the youngsters' faces when they turned up unexpectedly.

The couple were on a four-day break from their home in Spain and wanted to surprise their family by arriving at the centre, in Fareham, Hants, while they were shopping.

But when they went to take a photo, a security guard pounced and ordered them out.

The guard then insisted that cameras were banned because of the risk of a terrorist attack - and barred the bemused couple for life.more

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