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Guided By The Hand Of God. Don't You Mean Noodly Appendage?

To benefit from that which is writ below, might I first ask you to visit this short previous post and familiarise yourself with the subject matter, particularly the bottom half of the post.
There are no reasons at this present time to open any links that you find there.

I will put this banner here, in order that you might avail yourself of my recommendation, though the story, and the deceptive title, do in fact have no bearing on this post.

Right, that done. what you read bellow is the full text of the delusional poppycock written the blogger that inappropriately calls himself Lionheart.

By now, if you read the previous post, you will have come to the obvious conclusion that the author is not some Bible crazed hayseed from Bumfuck Alabama but is in fact a Brit, and as such a fellow countryman and as suchly such adds a spot of embarrassment for me as I write this sorry story.

You may well ask why then am I pursing this woeful tale, and having asked myself the same question I can think but for one reason only.
Now in the main I don't have a problem with your run of the mill batshit crazy Jesus freak, in fact apart from them providing gist for the blogging mill I tend to ignore them, but.

But when one of these same batshit crazy Jesus freaks purports to be in contact with a celestial super being, to be guided by him, and in fact claims to be this god's instrument on earth, well I might still not have a problem with it, but.

But when this same batshit crazy Jesus freak writes such utter crap and when questioned on his demented scriblings doesn't have the courage or the faith to stand by the drivel he has written, then I have a problem.

So what might have caused our now familiar batshit crazy Jesus freak to remove the entire post from his blog, surely it cannot be the two word comment that I left under the offending article that simply said, "You're demented" surely not, surely surely, given the manner in which he writes and the most extraordinary manner of his claims, he must have in the past been called far worse things.

So what else might the reason be for cleansing his blog of the post, it couldn't be that I reposted part of his narrative and linked to it, surely not?

A Message to Team McCann

For any new visitors to my blog, before I was notified of my impending arrest I had been writing about an innocent little 4 year old girl who was abducted from her bed whilst she was on holiday with her parents and twin siblings in the Algarve-Portugal.

As followers to my blog will know, I had laid down writing about Islam's Jihad against the non Moslem-world and had concentrated on this little girl and her families plight.

It is quite ironic really that as I was stating a case in support of the parents in the face of a horrendous injustice that is being levelled at them, I mentioned several times about police looking at my blog, little did I know that detectives were actually looking at my blog to arrest me - I wonder what they think about the McCann case?

At least now when the world looks at this injustice being levelled at them indirectly through me, they will see my perception on this family and the tragedy that has unfolded upon them.

As Christians though we know that God knows all things and He is the one who has set things in motion to be this way, so in my interpretation of events, if the sign God gave me is linked to the family and "Team McCann" then the actions that God has outlined for them to take will get their daughter back!

Why would God have led me to blog about this living story and be involved in my own way that was away from any ones eyes, if He did not have something to say?

There is two scenarios, either they did kill their daughter or they did not.

Only they know that and if they did not kill her then I am 100% certain that she is still alive somewhere as you are reading this and it is only a matter of time until she is brought back, how that is achieved is in God's hands.
I am writing this post now in respect of the family and for any new visitors who have arrived at my site over the past few months.

As you will know from my resent blog posts you will know it is now time for me to move on and close the door on writing my thoughts about missing Madeline and her parents plight, because I now have my own plight and fight to fight, with British traitors seeking to lock me up for speaking the truth for the sake of other little children like missing Madeline who are growing up in a wicked and violent society, brought on by this Loony Labour Government and their bed fellows the Islamic Kingdom.

You might not like my perception, you might not like my words, but you cannot deny the truth!

My madness is different from your madness - does it make either of us wrong?

Is it not just different crazy realities that has fallen into each of our laps?

If there has been anybody in "Team McCann"reading my blog then you will know how close to the mark I am in my posts, or how wide of the mark I am - Either way should convince you to either listen to me and my words or to reject me.

I close the door on this living tale with sorrow because Madeline is still out there and I believe God has given me something to help you get her back, and I was given a supernatural sign that can be corroborated by anyone with an ounce of intelligence.

All I will say is that the sign was either for me personally as I walked my path before God praying and receiving from Him for you and your daughter or it was a sign for both parties, so that you would listen to me for the sake of Madeline - You know as well as I do that Gods ways are not our ways and our ways are not Gods ways.

Who am I but a nothing and a nobody from no where, but it is us nothings and no bodies from no where who God chooses to pick up and use for His purposes so as to confound the wise of this world.

I believe this sign is for you, and if it is you must listen, why else would God single out a Scottish University when He had any University to chose from.

If anyone of you has a direct link with Dundee University then the supernatural sign is for you and your detectives to confirm so that you will listen to my words, if not God bless you and I hope and pray that you get your daughter back.

Do you not believe in the Living God, was it not Him you turned to for help?

Metedo3 know me and ignored me and my words, the same Metedo3 that told the world they would have your daughter back for Christmas - So where is she?

God gave me a window of opportunity to help you which I used and reached out to your people and that help was rejected, in my understanding, if God sends me somewhere it is not me you are rejecting it is Him, the one who sent me.

AskMetedo3 for the evidence of me contacting them which is not on my personal blog, and what I wrote if they have not passed it to you already.

That window of opportunity has now gone, but by Gods grace I am still a free man even though people want to silence me, so there is still hope that if I am right then I can still help you get your daughter back - Dundee University is the sign to confirm that for both parties.

It is this sign that I recieved that gives me unshakable belief in you and your innocence, so it must have been a pretty powerful sign do you not think?

The analogy I have is of Jesus walking on water and asking Peter to step out of the boat, only faith can believe for the impossible, there was a storm rising and Peter stepped out and walked on water by faith, and then a heavy storm hit and Peter's faith was shaken.

There was a storm brewing for me that I could not see as I stepped out of my boat by faith to help and support you, now look at the storm that has now engulfed me, but I am still here reaching out to you by faith because I believe in my God, the Living God - The Lord God of Israel.

In my eyes there is still hope!

I read today about the darkness of Mrs McCann all I can say is that I hope the link with Dundee University will bring some light into your darkness and give you fresh hope for the future.

We can do nothing on our own, but we know that He can do everything through us, and He is the one who holds all things in His hands.

You really think man can prevent Gods will, He knew what was about to befall me so removed me from the situation, so I am still standing, walking on water for you and your daughter.

I have prayed that 2008 will be a year of miracles, what a miracle if Madeline is reunited with you her family.

For everyone reading this, the new information about Mr & Mrs McCann being the prime suspects still is more false evidence in the trial by media to secure a conviction in the worlds eyes for a crime that never happened based on evidence that never was.

Talk of seizing the toy and diary is again more evidence for the media, after 8 months of the investigation to now be asking for it shows the incompetence of the Portuguese police investigation.

There is a suspect called Robert Murat who lied about his movements on the night in question so as far as I am concerned is complicit in the crime yet the Portuguese police have not charged him with anything.

They say that the parents are prime suspects but they are not ruling out the abduction theory, that's probably because there is a good officer in there still called Paulo Rebelo

I read that you no longer go to Templars for coffee, I would encourage you to go there and allow God to speak to you, He has sent me a no body from no where with a Templar heart to help you, go enjoy a coffee and think about things.

As I have said all along, I see the fingerprints of God all over this tragic tale, so if that is the case what is He saying?

In service of the King - Jesus - The Lion of the tribe of Judah

p.s There should be nothing that stops you listening to me for the sake of your daughter if Dundee University flags on your radar screen, I might not be politically correct, but your daughter is not a political issue, and who are you or me to refuse God because of what man says?

Source. Google Cache.


Anonymous said...

Meet the Jesus Christ lizard

Himself said...

A conversation with the press, 08 July 2011


Anonymous said...

He [Matthew Oldfield] was followed by Gerry, who entered his apartment at about 9.05 through the patio doors to the lounge. Earlier that week the McCanns had used a key to go in through the front door next to the children’s bedroom but, worrying the noise might wake the children, they began using the patio doors, leaving them unlocked.

When he entered the apartment, Gerry immediately saw that the children’s bedroom door, which they always left just ajar, was now open to 45 degrees. He thought that was odd, and glanced in his own bedroom to see if Madeleine had gone into her parents’ bed. But no, she and the twins were all still fast asleep.


Kate McCann: "Well, I went back to do a check at ten o'clock, and I went through the patio doors at the back and I listened for a minute in the living room and it was all quiet. And I just noticed that the...the door to the children's bedroom was quite far open and we always leave it so that it's slightly ajar, just to let a little bit of light in. And I thought to myself, did Matt leave the door open at half nine because Matt checked on them at half nine [?] and I thought that must be what happened."


9.05 Gerry McCann immediately saw that the children’s bedroom door, which they always left just ajar, was now open to 45 degrees.

10.00 Kate McCann noticed that the door to the children’s bedroom was quite far open and thought to herself, did Matt leave the door open at half nine.


Also, curious why Matthew Oldfield seems to feel guilty for not going in the children’s room. After all he was followed by Gerry who saw Madeleine and the twins all fast asleep at 9.05.

Nothing new, but still waiting for an answer after all those years. Why have none of the so called investigators, police, journalists and other sources close to the McCanns asked these simple questions?

Anonymous said...

Oh, almost forgotten, two different timelines.

Himself said...

Two confessions don't you mean?

Because that's what they read like to me. Just the sort of thing you take the time to do when a three year old has just been snatched.

What with all the other things, and they are still on the wrong side of a jail cell. You couldn't make it up!

Anonymous said...


Her daughter fine, Jane returned to the table. At 9.30, Kate got up to make the next check on her children, but Matt Oldfield was checking too, as was Russell O’Brien, and Matt offered to do Kate’s check for her, which she accepted. Gerry teased that she would not be excused her turn at the next check.

"Gerry teased that she would not be excused her turn at the next check."

Gerry the teaser, what a coincidence, what a memory.


He [Batista] says the Tapas 9 did check on their children regularly: "I know that because I often took food to the table and found one of them not there. I would take it back to the table to heat it up. But it was always the men who went to check never the women." Apart from the time Kate McCann went to check. So not always the men. Jose thought that strange. Why?

Yes, you couldn't make it up.

Anonymous said...