Tuesday, January 08, 2008

McCanns. What A Loathsome Pair


Have they no shame? They are universally reviled by the vast majority of people yet they still have the brass neck to propose something as repulsive as this.
It is beyond belief and any bit of common decency.

If taking the piss were a crime these two fuckers would be on death row.

The McCanns are set to turn the story of their daughter into a film.

Kate and Gerry are in negotiations with the world's largest talent and entertainment agency, IMG, in a deal which could be worth millions.

The money would help fund the search for Madeleine amid fears that the £1.2 million raised from public donations will soon run out.

A source close to the McCanns said: "We would only get involved with something done sensitively and considerately."

If a deal is done with IMG, it would involve using the same team that made Touching The Void, an award-winning drama-documentary about the fight for survival of two British climbers lost on a mountain.more

Making Sure That Crime Doesn't Pay Homeoffice.gov


Anonymous said...

Agree. One can't escape the continuing mercenary, attention seeking cannabal McCanns. These 2 have no excuse for their lack of social education.

Anonymous said...

One thing I have been wondering all along is, why doesn't anyone bring up the fact that they left 3 kids under the age of 5 all alone and went out for dinner. I bet if it was some African family doing the same thing, they would be sitting in jail right now charged with child abandonment.

Himself said...

If you were to read any number of forums you would see your question and countless others repeated daily.

I will recommend the Mirror,numerous different threads but all pertaining to MM.
Then there is Anorak, a single thread and oft times satirical, the Anorak site is far easier to follow.



Anonymous said...

JUNE 11, 2009

Himself said...

Hello my little klompen, I've just sat down. One more day to go, and then back to normal. (I hope)

I had to remind myself who he was, first result; although I only read half a page.


Himself said...

I thought you might me lovely.

What next I cannot help but wonder, have a go with more of the same? ££££ or try the freebies that they have sent with previous orders?

Himself said...

The "problem" there being, gender unknown. And the "brand is a bit ambiguous too.

Himself said...

Still, if that's all I have to worry about, then I'm fortunate; ain't I.

Back to the grind Chuck.