Friday, February 08, 2008

Us And Them. No Not East And West This Time


This time it's the rich and the plebs, just what kind of money does someone have that they can piss eighteen thousand pounds away on a goddamn bottle of wine?

But that's not the story.

The moment a diner sent back an £18,000 bottle of wine - for being 'fake'

It was a moment to make the most experienced sommelier gasp with horror.

Normally when a favoured wealthy customer orders a magnum of P├ętrus 1961, appreciative purrs of pleasure are expected to follow.

Not just from the drinkers. There will be a profit of several thousand pounds on a bottle costing as much as a large family car.

But this time the usually exquisite claret was returned untasted with angry accusations that it was a fake.

This was the hugely embarrassing scene at the Michelin-starred Zafferano in Knightsbridge earlier this month when a party of British and Italian diners asked for the 1961 — regarded as one of the finest wines ever made — to go with their meal.more

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