Monday, February 11, 2008

Stark County Ohio And Other Tales From A Police State


This writer from Ohio puts together a good article, not solely on the case of Hope Steffey which, if you haven't already viewed the video, might just fill you with some degree of justifiable outrage.

As you move down the page check out some of the other links starting with the "three girls" and the case of the paraplegic. The ICE links I found to be of no great interest.

There's not much I can add to the whole disgusting state of affairs, each article speaks for itself.

Hearts unmoved by such cases tend to melt at the spectacle of a slender, helpless woman shrieking in fear and impotent rage as she is pinned down and violently disrobed by skinheads wearing the uniform of Ohio's Stark County Sheriff's Department.

Don't get me wrong: The outrage over the sexual violation of Ohio resident Hope Steffey, who was arrested, assaulted by police, strip-searched, and left naked in a cell for six hours, is eminently justified.

In fact, I earnestly hope that there will be much more outrage, that it goes thermonuclear, and that its radiating consequences include not only criminal charges against the simians in uniform who violated Hope, but also a dramatic increase in public curiosity about the routine sadism, perversion, and abuse that typify America's prison-industrial complex.

It must be understood that what happened to Hope – who was arrested after suffering an assault and calling the police for help – is uncommon only in that the abuse she suffered was inflicted on an uncommonly telegenic and sympathetic victim. Fury over her experience in jail is coupled with outrage that this woman could begin the night as the victim of a private assault and end it as a victim of sexual molestation and battery under color of authority. And she was taken to jail on the flimsiest of pretexts, being arrested for resisting arrest – a tautological police tactic that is becoming increasingly common.

But what we have to remember is that Hope's evening from hell is not that unusual. In fact, her case isn't even unique for Ohio's Stark County jail system.more

I have read a few of the writer's )William Grigg) other articles and found these two particularly interesting.
The Nanny State Goes Nazi
A Snitch In Time


Anonymous said...

This kind of thing makes me so mad I see red. I will just say that if I ever see this in any of the jails or prisons I enter as part of my job I will probably, very quickly, be without a job. There is no way I could see something like this and not do something about it. I think to witness this and not do something is just as immoral as those doing the actual act. It is silent condonement. It would be very likely I would split a vessel.

I hate the prison mentality in this country. It is such a punishment way of thinking instead of rehabilitation. I recently argued with a coworker about whether or not the death penalty should stand. I am opposed to the death penalty, my coworker was not. When I asked her about the prisoners on death row who were found innocent before they were killed, and some who were found innocent after being executed, do you know what she said to me?.........That's such a small percentage. Excuse me, but what would be a percentage that would change your mind? huh? 5% innocent deaths, 20% innocent deaths? ONE innocent person sentenced to death is too many and shows that this is a flawed and immoral punishment method.

A friend once said she thinks the way to cut down costs of housing inmates would be to just kill all the people who are sitting on death row instead of letting them appeal for years and years. She feels they should be allowed one appeal and if it does not work then, off with their heads. Mind you, this is a christian friend who believes I am destined to eternal hellfire by her loving god. A friend who questions how I can be moral without a religious center......I GET SOOOOO EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED WITH THESE PEOPLE!! SERIOUSLY!! HH

Anonymous said...

Just a quick link. This is very close to me and has upset the entire region. Can google for more information if you find it interesting. HH

Himself said...

Hello H, thanks for that.
I read the article, it probably brings it home more to you because it was local, but I think in honesty it's hardly a unique event in a country gone mad.

Try this one minute clip, I think it demonstrates just what kind of lunatic wears a uniform these days.

I may be wrong but I don't think the performance would have been any different if the lass had been white. It's more a reflection on the cop than the victim.

And not only that, the guy doing the voice over is really going to piss you off.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. Too true. HH