Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Speaking Of Nigerians


These lads are not behind the door when it comes to dreaming up scams and it would appear that the gullible group for this little con are the Ozies.

Thousands of Australians are at risk from a relatively new online scam targeting the desperate and dateless, Queensland police say.

The state's Fraud and Corporate Crimes Group has noticed a growing number of cases of men and women being lured into online relationships by Nigerian fraudsters posing as prospective lovers.

In the latest case, Gold Coast resident Patricia (surname withheld for privacy reasons) lost $8500 when she became involved with a fraudster posing as an Australian retiree using the name "David''.

After six months developing what Patricia believed to be a loving relationship, David said he had to travel to Nigeria to sell some land, which he promised would set them up for life.

While there, he supposedly got mugged and asked Patricia to send money to help him return home.more


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Himself said...

Thank you.

I picked you this, then burst into tears on hearing it again.


Himself said...

OT Hi Maren

If you want a bit of cultural education, Youtube/Google, Detroit urban decay

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Beautiful song, beautiful pictures and paintings.

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Thanks for the Detroit urban decay tip. M

More urban decay,


Classic Blues in Cuba.

Himself said...

Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.

There is an eerie fascination about this photo genre.

Speaking of Cuba, I watched this a few weeks weeks ago. It's not distasteful, more sad really.

Such a gorgeous looking girl, I would have put her in my suitcase and taken her home.

Amateur film making.


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In truth; not my cup of tea.

But I thank you nevertheless.