Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Scientology On a Roll In Spite Of Bad Press


So say the cultists, does that mean they will stop threatening dissenters now?
Check out the penultimate paragraph, stroll on!

The negative coverage given to the Church of Scientology in the last two months is actually helping the organisation in its recruitment and contact with others the Church says.

Scientology has taken a battering in the early month's of 2008, with a video of prominent Scientologist Tom Cruise appearing on YouTube showing the actor ranting about the power of the Church and its vast reach.

During the video, Cruise appears to rant uncontrollably in "Scientology-speak", including an outburst about the damage Psychiatrists are doing to mental health patients.

The Cruise video was watched millions of times before being pulled from the site, amid accusations the Church had pressured Google (the owners of YouTube) to delete the video.

An online hacker group known as Anonymous has also pledged to take down the Church of Scientology, including the removal of their websites and online infrastructure.more

The video can be accessed here, condensed version first.

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