Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Arab League Overwhelming Vote For Satellite Censorhip


Can you imagine just what will be left to to view by the time this lot have finished putting their stamp on things.

At the meeting of information ministers from the 22-nation Arab League in Cairo, the charter was agreed by a vote.

The document calls on stations "not to offend the leaders or national and religious symbols" of Arab countries, news agency AFP reports.

They should not "damage social harmony, national unity, public order or traditional values," the charter says.

Signatory countries may "withdraw, freeze or not renew the work permits of media which break the regulations".

The charter also calls on broadcasters to avoid erotic content, or content which promotes smoking or the consumption of alcohol, and to "protect Arab identity from the harmful effects of globalisation".more

For any of you that have never visited MEMRI TV here's a link, have a look round there are some pearls to be discovered.

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