Monday, January 07, 2008

US Ships Harassed: Iran. What's Your Game?


If, and I mean if, this report is accurate and the Iranians start buggering about in this fashion, it won't be long before there are a lot of dead Iranians floating about the Persian gulf.

If the Iranians are living off their success of overpowering a few Brits in rubber ducks and think they can flex their muscles against a capital warship they are in for one mother of a surprise.

The memory of the USSS Cole will be more than fresh in any skipper's mind and never more so than in the mind of a Yanky.

I'm more than a little surprised that the Americans didn't blow them out of the water, the goddamn crazies wouldn't have got within anywhere near a two hundred yard proximity of any ship I commanded.

Iran, don't push your luck, it will run out awfully quickly, you're not dealing with land forces here, the naval mindset is not something to fuck with.

Five Iranian speedboats harassed three US navy ships at the weekend, approaching them and radioing a threat to blow them up, US officials say.

The incident happened as the US vessels passed through the Strait of Hormuz, which separates the Arabian peninsula and Iran, Pentagon officials said.

US sailors came close to opening fire, unnamed officials told CNN.

The White House on Monday warned Iran against "provocative actions that could lead to a dangerous incident".more

A bye the bye, I had a friend who was a skipper of a cargo ship running up the Shat Al Arab in the eighties when the missiles were flying about for fun, he used to come home on leave in bits, in the end he packed the job in and became of all things a postman, never happier.

Update: here's a video clip of the

Update: More video.

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