Monday, January 07, 2008

Is There More Than Meets The Eye In Shooting Of US Soldiers In Iraq?

I have been trying to find some reliable source to confirm what "roadstoiraq" are reporting in the third segment, trouble is it all seems to be in arabic.

My search turned up a comprehensive article at firedoglake, so if this story takes your interest I suggest you read the third segement here and then head over there for a better read.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - An Iraqi soldier opened fire on U.S. troops during a joint patrol in the northern city of Mosul on December 26, killing two and wounding three others along with a civilian interpreter, Iraqi and U.S. officials said on Saturday.

The U.S. military said it was not clear why the Iraqi soldier had opened fire, but two Iraqi generals told Reuters the attacker had links to Sunni Arab insurgent groups.

It is believed to be the first reported incident in which an Iraqi soldier has deliberately killed U.S. servicemen since Saddam Hussein was toppled in the U.S.-led invasion in 2003.

Two American soldiers have been deliberately shot dead by a colleague in an Iraqi unit, the US and Iraqy militaries have announced.
The two soldiers were on a joint US-Iraq patrol in Mosul in northern Iraq when they were killed last week.

It is the first time such a killing has been confirmed by the two forces.
"Two US soldiers killed during a combined Iraqi army and coalition operation in Nineveh province on December 26 were allegedly shot by an Iraqi soldier," the US military said in a statement on Saturday.

Then there is this from roadstoiraq

Iraqi soldier"Ceaser"killed three American soldiers because they kicked and beat a pregnant woman.

Reported on many Iraqi news sites, an Iraqi soldier killed two American soldiers and a captain for kicking a pregnant Iraqi woman

The incident happened two days ago when an Iraqi soldier “Caesar Saadi” joined the American occupation forces in a raid in Mosul, he opened fire after he saw the American soldiers started to beat and kick an Iraqi pregnant woman.

Lebanese newspaper Al-akhbar reported today the story added:

In the streets of Mosul, graffiti appeared on the walls yesterday saying:

Well done Caesar

Also, people in the city are distributing leaflets saying the same text.

Caesar is now in custody accused with killing three Americans.source

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