Thursday, January 10, 2008

Straight Talk From Layla Anwar, One Very Pissed Lady

And who could blame her? Not you nor I.

Americans still pretend they brought Democracy to Iraq.

Keep on deluding yourselves folks. Had I been in charge of your Education, I would grant you free PHD’s in Deceit, Duplicity and Denial.

And for the most “brilliant” amongst you and there are many – I shall grant you an Honoris Causa in Mediocrity.........

Do you have any fucking idea what you brought to Iraq ?

Do you have any idea how many widows we have ? Over 1 million.

Do you have any idea how many orphans we have ? 5 million.

Do you have any idea how many people died, disappeared, or are in prisons ?

1+ million dead, the injured and the disappeared in the hundred of thousands, and over 150’000 in prisons.

Forget what you hear about the "modest" sum of 45’000 incarcerated. It is a LIE.
But then you lie as well. What difference does it make- you tell me !?

Do you know how many of us are exiled, without jobs and with no resources? Forget about the bullshit you read in your newspapers.more

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