Thursday, January 10, 2008

Brits Jail Would Be Terrorist


A dentist who tried to fly to Pakistan with military equipment and £9,000 cash in his luggage has been jailed for four and a half years for preparing to engage in terrorism.

Sohail Qureshi, 29, pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to charges of preparing to commit terrorist activity and possessing items of use to terrorists, including a night vision scope and medical supplies.

On a computer hard drive police found a library of jihadi literature, including the al-Qaeda training manual and the Mujahidin Poisons Handbook. A CD he was carrying included a picture of him carrying an M16 rifle.

In e-mail traffic retrieved from his computer, Qureshi talked of taking part in a three-week operation - possibly against British troops in Afghanistan. He wrote: "Make dua [pray] that I kill many - revenge, revenge, revenge".

Qureshi was stopped at Heathrow airport in October 2006 as he tried to board a flight to Islamabad where his family lived.more

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