Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Arab Woman Anger From Arab Woman Blues

Angry? yes. Justifiably? yes.

Waiting For Mister Goodbar

I vaguely remember the title of this film. It was “Looking for Mr.Goodbar”, starring Diane Keaton, if I recall correctly.

Another neurotic, desperate, dependent, insecure, American “woman”, looking for love in all the wrong places... An emotional survival story.

I've read a lot of your so-called emotional survival stories...

Your dog dies, and you seek emotional survival by either sleeping with the first pretender or you are stuck in therapy for another 5 years.

You lose your job and there you go, acting out, fucking around as if there is no tomorrow...

You grandparent or parent dies and ditto, you recourse to the same...

Your twin towers collapse and ditto again – you have been in therapy ever since.

Your therapist is very understanding, after all you pay him/her over 200 dollars an hour and she/he pats you on the back and tells you it’s ok, it’s nothing but a phase of grief...don’t punish yourself, you are just trying to heal...

How very touching indeed.

You the puritanical, hallelujah, people trying to heal through anonymous sex, your mechanical, instant gratification sex.

Reminds me of some Italian friend of mine who said to me years ago. He said “Layla, people fuck the way they eat." I thought about that for a while and came to the conclusion that your way is nothing but junk just like your junk food.more

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