Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Rare Female Suicide Bomber In Pakistan


Rare and a dying breed to boot, it appears she "missed" with her bomb, maybe next time.

Women suicide bombers are rare because they've got more bloody sense than all the tossers who can't wait to strap on a bomb, if they got laid every now and then in this world they might not be so eager to join the next.

But even rarer is a white female bomber, do you remember the case of Mireille Degauque (photo) the inadequate, she would have to be, Belgium woman that converted to Islam and according to the report became "more Muslim than Muslim"

Police in Pakistan say a woman suicide bomber in a burka has blown herself up near an army checkpoint in Peshawar.

Police say the bomber - thought to be an Afghan woman in her 30s - was the only casualty.

"She was carrying a basket over her head. She blew herself up as she came close to the checkpost," Peshawar police chief Tanvir-ul-Haq Sipra told Reuters news agency. more

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