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Gerry McCann "Scot of the Year" You Can't Be Serious


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Gallery McCann Update

I recently posted that I was of the opinion that Larry Craig had totally lost the plot.
Given what I came across yesterday I must reassess.
"Scotland on Sunday" are running a poll to name "Scot of the Year."

I have to say whoever is responsible at the newspaper for allowing this poll to include Gerry McCann is stark raving mad.

Raving mad to such a degree that in comparison to this half wit and fool, Larry Craig must now appear totally rational.

I'm not going to write a great deal about the McCanns, I don't wish to ruin my evening.
I will just remind you that Gerry McCann and his wife left three children under the age of four alone in total darkness every night of their holiday in an unlocked apartment in a foreign country so they, the parents, could go on the piss.

Of this, without a doubt, they are guilty. What else they are guilty of, and in my opinion there is much, remains to be seen.

So if you wish to vote Gerry McCann for "Scot of the year" you may cast your vote online at Scotland on Sunday.

Does this (below) sound like a man who is expecting his daughter to breeze through the door some sunny day, or does it sound like a man who knows she's not coming back because he knows she's dead?

Gerry McCann:
- “We want a big event to raise awareness that she is still missing (...) It wouldn’t be a one-year anniversary, it will be sooner than that” (June 3, 2007)

"I have no doubt we will be able to sustain a high profile for Madeleines disappearance in the long term." - Gerry McCann, 28/06/2007.

The grieving mother Kate McCann talking after special cadaver tracking dogs were taken from England to Portugal and went through their "affirmative routine" when they discovered the scent of a cadaver in the McCanns hire hire car, on Kate McCanns clothes, the soft toy belonging to the missing girl Madeleine McCann and numerous other items.

‘The smell of death on my clothes and Cuddle Cat was because I took Cuddle Cat to work and had been working on six corpses in the two weeks before I went on holiday”

“Body fluids found in the spare wheel well of our hired car were dirty nappies or rotting meat”.

Kate McCann is a general practice doctor. She is also a liar.

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