Monday, December 10, 2007

Keeping kids Ignorant Is Not Keeping Them Protected

I wasn't aware that sex ed was not compulsory in the UK.
As calls are made for sex education to be compulsory in all schools Kizzy Neal, 15, is one teenager with a lot on her plate - exams, boyfriends and looking after her seven-month-old son.

Kizzy was in her best friend's bedroom when she found out she was pregnant, in the summer of 2006. She was 13.

"I didn't stop crying for three weeks and I was really, really scared," she says, now aged 15. "I knew I'd done something wrong. Thirteen is not the ideal age to have a baby."

She had been fearful after having sex for the first time, unprotected, with Louie.

"Since I got pregnant, I've learnt so much about contraception, abortions and sex but at school I think I had so few sex education lessons."more


Anonymous said...

Did you know that the only thing keeping kids from having sex is the lack of a condom? That's why here in the states we don't hand them out, talk about them, or discuss them in any way. And you know, it's working! Not one teenage pregnancy since the abstinence only campaign began!! Maybe y'all should give this a try over there.

OH, wait. Say what? Really? Oh, bother, never mind then. I guess there were some teenagers knocked up over here after all. But that doesn't mean the program doesn't work. We'll just spend more money funding it and I'm sure it'll be much more effective next year!! HH

Anonymous said...

'All opinions are my own' has real meaning when you are a Tweeting MP.

"All opinions are my own", a pleonasm, in my opinion.

I knew of opinion, public opinion, scientific opinion, legal opinion, judicial opinion and editorial opinion. And now I know of Tweeting MP’s own opinions with real meaning. One can always learn something new. MM

Himself said...

Another Jesus freak.

A pleonasm indeed.

Anonymous said...

"One is a publicity-seeking Conservative MP who likes nothing better than to be at the centre of attention. The other is a publicity-seeking Conservative MP who likes nothing better than to be at the centre of attention."