Monday, December 10, 2007

It's All Too Jesusy For Me


The wanabee Presidential campaign I'm talking about. Every which way you turn the whole sorry bunch are neck deep in God and whoring the Jesus card for votes.

The election campaign is not something I like to write about, I find the whole thing disgusting, truly nauseating and quite frankly embarrassing, and for that reason alone I am not going to come up with endless examples of just how far these cocksuckers for Christ are prepared to prostitute themselves in order to gain favour of an equally disgusting, nauseating and embarrassing bunch of wrapped in Jesus voters.

Cristina Page, the writer of the article below brings to the fore (again) the question of contraception and the demented ramblings of the GOP whores who appear to have not just Roe in their sights but contraception as well.
I wrote previously about the Jesus freaks in Colorado who are trying to have the status of "Human Being" ascribed to all fertilised human eggs be they deep frozen or otherwise.

98 percent of American women have done it.

37 million Americans are currently doing it.

Most of the GOP candidates oppose it.

What is it?

If you said "sex," you were close. The answer is "use contraception." In recent weeks, the GOP candidates have been asked a lot about their views on abortion but not one has been asked his position on contraception (or even prevention in general). Really big oversight. Maybe its because everyone just assumes they all support contraception. After all, who doesn't?

If their statements and actions are indicators, most of the GOP candidates....more

And here's a little update to prove my point. Who on earth would want a crazy like this in charge of the country.

Huckabee also said, "It doesn't embarrass me one bit to let you know that I believe Adam and Eve were real people."


Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ on a cracker!! If this moron gets elected I'm leaving the country. I honestly don't see it happening though. I think after 8 years of republican rule this country is hungry for a democratic president. Then again I very well could be wrong. I was wrong in believing there was no way the American people could be stupid enough to elect Bush again after all. I have lost all respect and confidence in the voting public. The electoral college is a joke and should be abolished as well, this is another story all together though. Can you imagine what a country run by a fanatic would be like? What is it they say about history repeating itself? WWII? The world has seen its share of fanatical leaders. Has it ever been a good thing? Has it ever been the right thing? Has it ever resulted in moral justice? Damn, wake up people and use the brains you were evolved to have, or god gave you, hell I'm not going to be picky at this point, just use them.

Was talking to my aunt about this candidate tonight. I made the comment that the world would be a much more peaceful place if there were no religions. She readily agreed and said that I was right but there needed to at least be christianity. Get rid of all religion and just have general christianity, yep that's the answer. Good thinkin' all rational and logigical and all. That makes sense. I wish you could have seen my face, I'm sure I looked like a freshly landed fish trying to wrap my brain around this type of thinking. I ended up just saying I'll never understand some people, and based on the christians I have seen, I am more moral than they could ever hope to be. HH

Anonymous said...

HH, it's all just a little bit of history repeating. M

Himself said...

Argh! how dated. Am I that old?

HH was an avid reader before I went McCanning.

She was the one that argued with me on the gay marriage/civil partnership thing.

HH: What am I going to do, get down on one knee and ask a woman to join me in a civil partnership.

Put like that, what could I say?

As liberal, open-minded and LGBT friendly as I am and firmly believe in gay couples having equality under law, I'm still a bit uncomfortable when I see two blokes stood at the alter.

Me age I guess.

Left you a comment on the tattoo post.

Anonymous said...

You know H, it’s eternal youth. I was linking to HH’s "history repeating", don’t ask.

I followed some of your interesting discussions. HH’s comments are to the point, I can learn from that, well she has the advantage of language of course. And it’s so strange, sometimes it feels like I know her, I hope she’s doing well.

Perhaps a bit uncomfortable has to do with imagination. Being completely straight I find it difficult to put myself in LGBT shoes when it comes to feelings, but that’s also the case the other way around I suppose. Just image, a "pray away the straight" thing or "conversion therapy for straight people", not to mention all the hatred heterosexuals have to endure then.

As for the two blokes, perhaps two wedding dresses look better than none. Mx

Himself said...

I hope she's doing well Maren, although it's a couple of years since I last heard from her.

Although she does have her own cross to bear, black lesbian single mother, living in a small minded part of the country. (Ain't it all?)

perhaps two wedding dresses look better than none

My thoughts exactly.

Does this make me sexist? LOL