Thursday, December 20, 2007

Max Blumenthal: The Conservative Persecution Hoax Exposed

This was an interesting enough little read even for me on this side of the pond, it should be more so then for my American readers.

I have to admit to being a fan of Max Blumenthal ever since I viewed his much watch video report on the batshit crazies of the Christians United For Israel in his short film "Rapture Ready"
Previous article with link here or direct link to video here. If you haven't previously watched please do and give yourself a "Cor Blimey" experience for a few minutes.

Or a somewhat less of an experience but still very watchable "Theocracy Now" article and link, or link only.

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With President George W. Bush only a year away from departing the White House and the Republican succession in turmoil some of the most prominent conservative intellectuals and activists have gathered together for one last great crusade. Movement icons from Robby George of Princeton to Harvey Mansfield of Harvard, from David Horowitz to Brit Hume, raised howls of persecution when they learned that two masked men allegedly attacked a conservative Princeton University student. They insisted that the right-wing acolyte was beaten up "for his conservative views," as Horowitz put it. And they accused Princeton of failing to protect conservatives and upholding a hypocritical liberal double standard. Unfortunately, as I have reported for the Nation, the trumpeted cause collapsed when the victim turned out to be a hoaxer. more

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