Friday, December 14, 2007

It's A Funny Old World: Principle Teacher Edition

Definitely the last one.

I can't help but feel some sympathy for the poor schmuck, I mean just how embarrassing can a situation be? There is a link to dashboard cam of the sorry thing on the second page.

I had a bit of a job to come up with a suitable graphic, I didn't want to kick a girl in the bollocks, not when she's down, I found this under embarrassment.

Dr Paul Schum 50 has resigned his position as principle of Bethlehem High School, in wake of a citation he recently received from police for loitering for the purpose of prostitution.....

Schum's resignation stems from an incident that occurred on the night of October 30, when a police officer patrolling a neighborhood known for narcotics trafficking and prostitution spotted him dressed in drag in an alley at 23rd and Stone Streets.

"[The patrol officer] observed the individual dressed in a black leather woman's outfit with fishnet stockings, fake breasts, a blonde wig and he had on lipstick," more


Anonymous said...

Why in the world can prostitution not be legalized? There are many benefits to be had.
1. taxes for the gov.
2. licensing
3. required testing for HIV/AIDS
4. fewer prisoners
5. money saved from fewer prisoners
6. etc., etc., etc.,
I can't really think of any drawbacks to legalizing prostitution. HH

Himself said...

I trust your question is rhetorical.

Prostitution involves the "Icky Area" that bit 'tween navel and kneecap, not nice at all at all.

I can't really think of any drawbacks to legalizing prostitution. HH

Just imagine the horror that would pervade in God's America.