Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Georgia Man Wrongly Convicted Freed After Twenty Eight Years


Well done the Innocence Project giving Georgia man John White his freedom, tragically nobody can give him back what the system took, his life.

I guess the "nigger wool" found at the scene was near enough for them good ol' Georgia boys.

John White is a black man.

Atlanta – December 11, 2007
DNA test results have ruled out John White as the perpetrator of a rape for which he was convicted in 1980. White, 48, of Manchester, Georgia, has maintained his innocence of the crime for nearly three decades.

Through the efforts of the Georgia Innocence Project (GIP), the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) performed DNA testing that proves Mr. White is innocent of the crime. Mr. White was released from Macon State Prison on the evening of December 10, 2007. Said Mr. White last week when GIP representatives informed him of the results of the DNA test, “It’s hard to express it, but I feel good, relieved.”

Hairs from the crime scene were matched to White during the investigation by microscopic analysis, the best technology available at the time.........more Innocence Project

More Atlanta Journal. (Won't be archived forever)

Slightly more in depth AOL

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