Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Times Top Twenty Religious Stories


I thought I would start the day with something light, this is number ten on the Times list.

It would appear a certain UK supermarket chain doesn't know it's virgin birth miracles from it's rising up from the dead type of miracle.

Then does it really matter when you're trying to flog Easter Eggs?

But if Easter eggs aren't to your taste you could try this piece of Catholic mumbo jumbo at it's best.
Oh those Papists and their geegaws and some piece of marketing, for Christ's sake I hope the bloody McCanns don't get a hold of this one, there'd be no stopping them.

Fragments of a cassock worn by Pope John Paul II are being offered for sale to the faithful, causing concern in the Vatican over the resurgence in the veneration of relics.

Devotees of John Paul can apply via e-mail, fax or post for fragments of a white cassock to augment their prayers. A cassock worn by John Paul has reportedly been cut into 100,000 pieces to satisfy demand.

The scheme is run by the Vicariate of Rome, which is promoting sainthood for John Paul. The faithful also receive a “holy card” with a prayer to “obtain graces through the intercession of John Paul II”. Number twenty


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