Friday, December 14, 2007

It's A Funny Old World: Someone Cut My Leg Off Edition


I always say religion is a dangerous thing and I ain't pulling your leg with this tale.

Just how bizarre can stories get? Two dudes get an eighty year old holy man rat arsed on booze then hack his leg orf so they can partake of the magical powers of said leg.

Police in southern India are hunting for two men who attacked a Hindu holy man, cut off his right leg and then made off with it.

The 80-year-old holy man, Yanadi Kondaiah, claimed to have healing powers in the leg.

He is now recovering from his ordeal in hospital in the city of Tirupati in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Local people believed they could be healed of spiritual and physical problems if they touched his leg.

They also believed in Mr Kondaiah's predictions of the future.

Police say the incident happened 550 km north of the state capital, Hyderabad more

I would be remiss if I didn't offer some explanation of what this fellow is up to.

"A sadhu or holy man mortifies his body in a tradition recalling Allahabad's ancient name, Prayaga—'place of sacrifice.' He controls his breathing using techniques of yoga." National Geographic

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