Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bolivia's New Constitution: Pepe Escobar


Having previously featured a couple of articles by Pepe Escobar I have on occasion wondered what he was all about. Wondered yes, but being the lazy git I am I have to admit to never actually looking the guy up.

Well he's popped up in this seven minute video talking about the conflict of Bolivia's proposed new constitution.
Here again I have to admit to knowing as much about Bolivia as I did about Escobar, so if you fall into this category with me then it's not a bad seven minutes.

Of the previous two articles by Escobar, Attack Iran and you attack Russia, and Baghdad is finished: Up close and Personal, the latter of the two I thought was a very worthy read.

I've just searched for a graphic, it seems Escobar is no slouch of a reporter, not that I thought he was given the various places he reports from.

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