Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Talking Jesus Doll Sells Out: Big Noodley Pissed

If you were planning on getting a Talking Jesus Action Figure this Christmas (or whatever) you're almost out of luck. Walmart has completely sold out of the toy and has "very limited supply," according to the manufacturer's spokesperson, Joshua Livingston.

"We feel blessed that the toys are now in the hands of thousands of children, teaching them the word of God. We knew that the toys would make great Christmas gifts, but to see them sell so well before the Christmas buying season begins proves that parents want alternatives in the toy aisle," says Livingston.

It may also prove that goth kids still buy gag gifts, but we don't want to hurt Mr. Livingston's feelings or anything. source

I quite liked this from the comments at the top link, seems to know his Jesus loving countrymen.

OH for Christs sake! I'm sure that's what God wanted, a Chinese made image of himself hocked to trailer livin, Bubba marrying, Camero-on-blocks yokels. I the only one who finds humor in the fact that a Christ statue was made in a country that forbids any kind of religion?...I'm gonna buy one and put it on my dashboard.

Sometimes I find it hard to believe that I shall be sixty next year.

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