Sunday, December 23, 2007

Travelling To The US? Think Twice

Little wonder tourism to the US is down, not content with treating entrants to the US like a piece of shit or a bloody terrorist, we now have the likes of this.

This being bad enough, but for us Brits the implications of this backdoor method of having your data collected by the establishment are more than a little disturbing.

FBI To Collect Biometric Information On Britons

British visitors to the US will have details of their physical characteristics added to a new billion dollar database under plans drawn up by the FBI.

Fingerprints, iris scans and even details of the way people walk, their scars and the size and shape of their ear lobes will be collected.

British intelligence agencies and police will also be able to access the information – giving them potentially more biometric data on British citizens than the Government collects at home.

Under the plans, revealed by the Washington Post, the FBI database will include details on everyone who applies for a visa to enter the US.more

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