Thursday, December 06, 2007

International Pressure And A Stay Of Execution Halts Iranian Hanging. But Not For long


I previously reported that, International Pressure Halts Iranian Hanging. Of whom you might ask? of a boy who was thirteen years old when the alleged dastardly deeds took place.

Well it seems international pressure and a stay don't count for much in Iran, they have hanged the poor sod.

An Iranian man has been hanged for rape despite his alleged victims withdrawing their accusations and a judicial review being ordered into the sentence.

Makwan Mouloudzadeh, 20, had been found guilty of raping three teenage boys when he was 13 years old.

The hanging took place on Wednesday morning at a prison in Kermanshah province in western Iran.

Human rights groups say international law strictly forbids execution of child offenders, even after they become 18.

"On 11 November the head of the justice administration of Kermanshah received an order from the judiciary head, Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi, to stop the verdict being carried out," the lawyer, Saeed Eqbali, was quoted as saying. more

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