Monday, January 16, 2012

Michael Gove MP: My Sycophancy Knows No Bounds

I notice recently that a driblet of puss, in the shape Michael Gove MP, has slithered from his stinking liar, to join in odious sycophancy with royal shit eater, Robert Hardman, then going on to congeal with Dacre's Daily Mail, to form a homogeneous globule of fawning obeisance.

Three men in a boat, three men in a Mail boat, but thankfully, not a Royal Mail boat.

It was in December that I had this to say about the Mail and its, ''distinguished royal author and Mail writer Robert Hardman.''

The Daily Mail and The Queen's New Boat

I only went in search of a link to add to the post above this one, to epitomise just how far out of touch the Mail is, in this relatively austere twenty first century. Not to mention the mood of us plebeians concerning the one percent, and let's face it, there is no one represents the one percent more than hangers on extraordinaire, the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas Windsors.

Yet in spite of the economic and political climate, the Mail, with all the judgement of Icarus, and with all the sycophancy of Uriah Heap, are trying to tell us that unless Liz gets a new boat, we can never aspire to seeing the Great put back in Britain.

And talking of sycophants, fuck me! will you get a load of this geezer.

Why we need a 21st-century Britannia fit for a Queen!

.....If we can’t afford aircraft carriers, some will say, then what are we doing even considering a Royal Yacht? But then, let us think again. To start with, let us imagine this is not built with taxpayers’ money, but donations from business and the public. Then, let us envisage something that does not resemble an oligarch’s floating fun platform, something without gold taps, Jacuzzis and waterbeds.

In fact, let us think of something that is not a ‘yacht’ in the sense of a pleasure boat at all.

Think, instead, of a national flagship with a national purpose — diplomacy, trade promotion, education and scientific research. It would need accommodation fit for a head of state, of course. And it would need to encapsulate the best of Britain — and the Commonwealth — in every aspect of its design. blah blah fucking blah!
And now it appears, along with the same aforementioned judgement of Icarus, and equal sycophancy of Uriah Heap, the odious little gargoyle Michael Gove, previously content to poke his fingers into the royal turd in private, now shamelessly waves in public his shitty fingers while having this to say.

Let's give the Queen a yacht for the Diamond Jubilee: Gove call for a taxpayers' present to say thank you

Last year the Daily Mail launched a campaign for an £80million majestic new Royal Yacht to replace Britannia – but one which is funded by donations, rather than by the taxpayer.

Mr Gove said the gift would be a mark of respect and may even lift the country’s spirits.

The Education Secretary wrote in the letter: ‘I feel strongly more should be done to achieve a longer lasting legacy.

‘Events such as proms and the party at the palace organised for the Diamond Jubilee, and street parties, although excellent, are transient.

‘It would be appropriate to do something that will mark the significance of this occasion with fitting ceremony.

‘My suggestion would be a gift from the nation to Her Majesty; thinking about [Universities Minister] David Willetts’s excellent suggestion of a royal yacht, and something tangible to commemorate this momentous occasion. The Wail, pictures n'all.
But perhaps as a better tribute to this little dicked, arse licking excuse for a man, I shall leave it to my recently found spokesman, the inimitable Mark McGowan.

Michael Gove reportedly claimed £7,000 for furnishing a London property before 'flipping' his designated second home to a house in his constituency, a property for which he claimed around £13,000 to cover stamp duty. Around a third of the first £7,000 was spent at an interior design company owned by Gove's mother-in-law. Gove also claimed for a cot mattress, despite children's items being banned under the Commons rule. Gove said he would repay the claim for the cot mattress, but maintained that his other claims were "below the acceptable threshold costs for furniture" and that the property flipping was necessary "to effectively discharge my parliamentary duties". While he was moving between homes, he stayed at the Pennyhill Park Hotel and Spa, charging the taxpayer more than £500 per night's stay. Wiki


Anonymous said...

Talk about "pushing the boat out"!!!!!!

Nothing is going to happen - the only people that can do anything about it are the young - the rest of us are lost I am afraid. We know what's going on we just can't do anything about it. We are tied up too tight with taxes and responsibilities. They are pushing it in our faces -because they can! We have always been slaves and they will always be able to control us because money is power.

Anonymous said...

OT (I think)

Himself said...

OT Jesus and Mo under fire.

Anonymous said...

"It is not for Atheists to decide what will or will not offend believers of different religions."

True, it is for yourself to decide.

The Jesus and Mo cartoons are funny and peaceful. I bet Jesus, Mo and the barmaid would agree. And I don’t do Isms. M

“It is not for Atheists to decide what will or will not offend believers of different religions.”
True, it isn’t, it is only for yourself to decide.

Anonymous said...

error: the last paragraph should be removed, my own fault. Haste makes waste. M

Himself said...

OT A bit bizarre given who it is, I'm not against age gaps, but forty years!

A complex perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Karen was scared.

Garver moved into the basement apartment, but she wasn’t there long, says Allen. "That first night, as soon as it got dark, she called to say she was scared and asked if she could come up. I figured it was a come-on, but that was OK." Karen, he says, came upstairs, permanently.

"It was the ’80s, after all" ?

Himself said...

Quite a nice love story in actual fact, I can see the attraction.

Until she met Santorum that is.

It's then her life seemed to develop Talibangelical overtones. Just goes to show what can happen to a seemingly balanced woman once they get religion.

I love this bit; the oldest line in the book.

“That first night, as soon as it got dark, she called to say she was scared and asked if she could come up. I figured it was a come-on, but that was OK.” Karen, he says, came upstairs, permanently.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

It’s a Maddie and Me story from Mrs Michael Gove.