Saturday, January 21, 2012

That Must Be Because Most Americans Are Fucking Stupid: Fox News Poll

Poll: Americans Trust Fox News The Most And The Least
David Taintor
January 19, 2012

For most Americans, Fox News is both the most — and least — trusted television news source.

According to the third annual Public Policy Polling (PPP) TV News Trust Poll, 34 percent of respondents trust Fox more than ABC News, CBS News, CNN, Comedy Central, MSNBC, NBC News and PBS. Likewise, 34 percent trust Fox least among those same news sources.

In a way, the numbers make sense. Fox enjoys huge ratings, and when choosing one network out of a handful, a viewer is basically saying I watch this network more than the others. Fox News’ out-in-the-open partisanship explains its “least trusted” nod, as well. But, it’s popular.

PBS scored highest on the individual questions. Fifty-two percent of respondents said they trust the public broadcaster. Dull? Perhaps, but definitely trustworthy.

Shockingly, 68 percent of Republicans picked Fox as their most trusted source. Interestingly, Democrats don’t look at MSNBC in the same way: “Despite having a reputation for appealing to the left MSNBC actually polls in only 6th place among Democrats at 8%, finishing slightly behind even Fox News’ 9%,” the poll’s summary states. TPM

See the poll’s full results here.

This fellow, the second one in the clip, is my ''Adolf Hitler.'' Just as the religious right keep rolling old Adolf out, usually as a non sequitur, in an attempt to make something of what they are trying to argue, well I roll this fellow out, only I don't have to make my argument, this fellow does it for me, and in spades.

I remind you, he has a vote.


Anonymous said...

Fox News makes me embarrassed to say I'm American - comment Zogger568

Himself said...

Yes indeedy, how many gated communities are there in the Netherlands?

I was ashamed to be an American today.

Anonymous said...


Proponents of gated communities (and to a lesser degree, of culs-de-sac) maintain that the reduction or exclusion of people that would just be passing through, or more generally, of all non-locals, makes any "stranger" much more recognisable in the closed local environment, and thus reduces crime danger. This view has been attacked as unrealistic - since only a very small proportion of all non-locals passing through the area are potential criminals, increased traffic should increase rather than decrease safety by having more people around whose presence could deter criminal behaviour or who could provide assistance during an incident.

Another criticism is that gated communities offer a false sense of security. Some studies indicate that safety in gated communities may be more illusion than reality, showing that gated communities in suburban areas of the United States have no less crime than similar non-gated neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

Washington D.C. "a gated community"

Himself said...

A brief history of America.

Anonymous said...

I'm a conservative christian and have been watching obama absolutely trash america over the past 4 yrs and I fully expect him to get in for another 4 yrs... why? cause americans are f'cking stupid

Poppen Report said...

Americans are generally stupid trusting Mainstream Media in the first place,to be uncontrolled journalism or press in United States.

When ever since the Vietnam War ended,censorship and control from the govt goes on everyday to make numbers on topics better than they are in real life.

For example everyone harps on Obama for believing he ruined economy.That was ruined by Bush Family.

9/11/2001 happened to orchestrate another pre-emptive invasion into Middle East for the father.

GWB admits he is a war criminal and will never fly to Europe where Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia and other countries wait for his flight.

A War Criminal known by whole world named GWB JR.Can't fly to Europe anymore without arrest.

But in USA,stupid Americans lined up for his autograph in a book.

Nothing anymore is free in America or not controlled or approved by govt.

They will tell you what you want to hear,and in the endgame of things.

Rude awakening is their ulterior motive.